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Strategy. Protection. Solutions.
That’s Susan Hunt Law.

As an attorney, I take nothing for granted and believe nothing is routine. With our experience, we know all the eventualities you could face with your legal situation. We examine each one to help you make educated decisions. So whether it’s a closing on a house or domestic partnership agreement, you are protected now and in the future.
I know first-hand the benefit of good legal planning and the pain of inadequate preparation. So we approach law a little differently:
•  We charge a flat fee for most of our services. We want you to ask all your questions, not watch the billing clock.
•  We form partnerships with our clients – you are not forgotten when you walk out the door. We check in periodically to keep your affairs up to date.
•  We make our office welcoming so you don’t dread coming to see us. We work out of a big old house and bring our dogs to work.

Our approach must be working - our clients ask us to keep champagne in the fridge. They tell me they walk out feeling like they want to raise a glass - because protection is worth celebrating.

Call or email us today to see how we can be your strategic, protective solution provider.