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Who are we kidding—we still believe we’re invincible. So we put off creating wills or trusts.
Well, I know life can be cut short. That’s why I’m passionate about estate planning.

  • I lost my mom when I was eight. She didn’t have a will, so I’ll never know which heirlooms she really wanted me to have.
  • I almost lost my own life. While the doctors tried to figure out why I was sick, at least I knew my wishes for all my loved ones would be carried out because I had a will, a health care power of attorney and living will.

Without a will or trust, state law decides who gets what. Proper estate planning gives you that control and simplifies an already stressful situation for your loved ones. This type of planning also helps you to be prepared for the time when you might still be alive but are unable to make legal and financial decisions for yourself.

To help alleviate your anxiety … and make estate planning about living, we charge flat fees for most of our services. After you fill out our information sheet I can tell you the cost. In addition, we include free resources such as funeral planning, personal property distribution, and more. CLICK HERE TO Fill out our worksheet and we’ll get started on strategies, protections, and solutions for you and your loved ones.

There are three options for you to get our support. Choose the one that’s best for you:

  1. Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation
  2. Schedule a 2-hour Family Wealth Planning Session
  3. Schedule a 2-hour Existing Estate Plan Review and Checkup

These are the services we provide:
wills • minors’ trusts • revocable & irrevocable living trusts • powers of attorney • health care directives • asset protection planning • domestic partnership planning • pet trusts • pre-nup and post-nup agreements  •  retirement planning • charitable remainder trusts • irrevocable life insurance trusts • special needs planning • disability planning • HIPAA authorizations • ethical wills • trust administration • probate and estate administration


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