non-traditional couples

Strategy. Protection. Solutions.
For unmarried couples and domestic partners

Non-traditional couples, Unmarried couples and domestic partners, share the same bond that married couples do but not in the eyes of the law. We know how to offer you that legal protection.

We begin by getting to know you, learning about your goals, retirement plans, how you want to own and manage property together, etc. After that, we’ll come up with solutions for you, such as the following:

  • protect your property rights with a property agreement, clarifying each agreement, clarifying each person’s financial obligations, how to divide or distribute the property if one person passes away, wants to sell or leave
  • protect your personal assets with a partnership agreement. Similar to a pre-nup, a partnership agreement defines such issues as how to divide up the furniture, who gets the pets, and support obligations in the event of a dissolution
  • protect your parental rights with a parenting agreement which defines your parenting plan and custody arrangements for your children in the event of a split

We’re passionate about working with domestic partners and unmarried couples. We enjoy being creative and strategic … putting all the puzzle pieces together in non-traditional ways … to make sure you are protected now and in the future. We charge flat fees for most of our services. After you fill out our information sheet I can tell you the cost. CLICK HERE TO Fill out our worksheet and we’ll get started on strategies, protections, and solutions for you.

There are three options for you to get our support. Choose the one that’s best for you:

  1. Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation
  2. Schedule a 2-hour Family Wealth Planning Session
  3. Schedule a 2-hour Existing Estate Plan Review and Checkup

These are the services we provide:
property agreements • partnership agreements • parenting agreements • real estate services • planning for beneficiary designations • wills and trusts • powers of attorney • health care powers of attorney • pet trusts • living wills • ethical wills • and a lot of practical advice