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Timeliness and organization – the two elements that ensure our real estate transactions move smoothly. We’ve always got an eye out for possible problems. If we spot one, we contact you in plenty of time so we close as planned. Call or email us to handle your next real estate deal.

We also know buying and selling property can trigger the need for other legal documents. We’ll evaluate your situation and help you decide if you need protection such as:

  • a prenup or postnup agreement – defines property & financial rights and obligations
  • separation agreement – prevents your spouse from having rights to your property if you are separated but not divorced
  • free trader agreement –  allows you, as a married person, to purchase property without your spouse having an ownership stake
  • property agreement – spells out the obligations, responsibilities, and distribution of property owned by unmarried couples and domestic partners

Call or email us today to see how we can be your strategic, protective solution provider for every real estate legal situation.