small business law

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For small business owners

How often do you say, “They never tell you that about being a small business owner”?  You don’t have to feel that pain when it comes to legal situations.

I want you to have the same peace of mind that I do about my business. At Susan Hunt Law, we think through all the potential problems you could face, and then find the most strategic way to protect you from scenarios like these:

  • A landscaper launches his lawn care business and quickly mows down the competition by satisfying homeowners. But then he loses thousands of dollars the next year when his clients and employees cut his business out of the equation. He now has non-compete contracts for all his new employees to prevent that kind of betrayal.
  • Two brothers run a successful roofing business and want to grow. They bring in a financial backer who steals their company. Their poorly crafted partnership agreement had loopholes that gave away their control of the company.
  • Husband and wife event planners need a space to store their growing inventory of party rental items. They both sign a personal guarantee to buy the building. With the slowing economy, their business has shrunk and now the bank wants their house. To keep it out of reach, the couple could have …

I love the challenge of shielding my clients from these kinds of problems. Whether you’re just starting out or have years under your belt, it’s worth talking with us. In addition to ensuring that you’re protected today, we touch base at least once a year—because even little changes can leave you vulnerable.

As your solution provider, we can also help you find accountants, insurance agents, and other professional service providers when the need arises.